How to use visual tutorial! Now with pictures! Isn't that exciting? Anyway.
1. Remove your doll's original make-up with 100% pure acetone or volk's make-up remover. Then wipe down with a damp cloth. Spray your doll with MSC or your choice of base coating. I don't know of anything ELSE besides MSC, but it's your choice. :3 Be sure to use proper safety percautions when using MSC. Wear goggles, gloves, face mask, and old clothes. I use a very very light coat, let it dry, and coat again.

Each time I coat with MSC I GET UP AND WALK AWAY to prevent myself from breathing the MSC even through the mask. Someone else suffered permenant damage to her lungs and eyes by not taking proper precautions with MSC. Don't make that mistake!

2. This is the start of the actual tutorial. :3 We're using method #2 with masking tape.

Gather your materials! You will need:

1 exacto blade
1 victim doll
1 colored pencil

1 roll of thick masking tape
1 printed sheet of eyebrows
1 pair of scissors
good lighting!!!

Choose which eyebrows you want to use and cut them out in strips. Make sure the strips are pretty thin and close to the brows. You're going to be transfering them to masking tape anyway.

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