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1) Print on sticky label and cut a rectangle around the eyebrows you choose. Use an exacto blade to cut out eyebrows. Place stencil on doll’s face and paint or outline with colored pencil. Remove promptly before the stickiness gets on the doll’s face!

2) Print out on regular paper. Use carbon paper to copy
the eyebrows of your choice onto masking tape, painters tape, or other type of tape. Rip off the tape that has your stencil on it and stick it to a peice of fairly thick plastic, like the lid to a tub of butter. Use an exacto to cut out the eyebrows. Stick stencil onto doll’s face and paint or outline with color pencil. Remove promptly before the stickiness gets on the doll’s face!


For the thin end of some eyebrows it may be better for you to just paint only the thick part of the eyebrow and then remove the stencil. Use a french curve(available in most art stores, you want the hard plastic ones, not the bendable ones) to finish the curve of the brow or free hand it!

Sometimes the sticky back label or the tape’s adhesive may be too gummy and strong to put on the doll’s face. If you’re afraid that the stencil will adhere too strongly to the doll and want the tape less sticky, gently pat the sticky side of the stencil against your clothes once or twice. The sticker will pick up lint and not be as sticky. Paper tape or painter’s tape is also often made to be not as sticky and easy to remove.

You can always make your own stencil by hand by drawing the eyebrow and copying it to tape with carbon paper! Change the look by cutting out the eyebrows seperately and flipping them upside down, left to right, or scewing them! They were measured on an SD13 old style F-28’s eyes.

These are meant to be printed out at 72 DPI and should be about 3 3/4 inches across. You can resize them as you need if you want to use it on a smaller or larger head.





visual instructions as gif

visual instructions as webpage!
see the template in use!!!


Original idea copywrite Andrea T. These specific eyebrows are copywrite to Batchix. You can print these as much as you like for personal use. Please do NOT sell the templates. It’s free, that’s not fair to the buyer. You can alter them as you wish, redraw and re-save but please give me credit. You are welcome to use this to tell a customizer that you want one of these eyebrows. You are welcome to use them for a pay project AS a customizer. These are for the benefit of anyone who feels they need/want them! Thanks! Enjoy! :3

And please do not mock the crappy layout of this page. =u=   I have so much other work to do! ;o;//