Once upon a time, a dark time came to the world. Storms raged daily and monsters roamed the land. Then one day a hero came and killed the Beast King who had brought forth all the monsters. The clouds rolled back, the sun came out and no more did darkness reign. But where do monsters go when they're unwelcome?


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Welcome to the homepage for the Dark Castle dolls.

If you have questions, please feel free to read the FAQ or email me with any concerns you have over my dolls that aren't covered there.

Table of Contents:

About: About me and contact info
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about my dolls and the concepts behind them.
Dolls: Body types and head types, character information
Auctions: Links to current auction info
How to Buy: Get on the list!
Links: Helpful links for dolls, sculpting, and other things!

Please excuse the general messiness of this page, it was something quick I did for the release so everyone would have all the information they need right away! I will hopefully make something nicer as I have more time for it. Thank you!