Once upon a time, a dark time came to the world. Storms raged daily and monsters roamed the land. Then one day a hero came and killed the Beast King who had brought forth all the monsters. The clouds rolled back, the sun came out and no more did darkness reign. But where do monsters go when they're unwelcome?


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Dolls Body Types

Type 1 Prototype Skinny body:

Leg Length(crotch to bottom of foot): 32 cm/ 13 in
Arm Length(shoulder to wrist): 22cm
Arm length(shoulder to finger tips): 26cm
Chest Width: 22.5 cm
Waist Width: 17.5cm
Hip Width: 26cm
Sitting height: 31cm
Total Height: 66cm
Neck Circumference: 9.5cm

Problems: One leg is slightly longer than the other, this has been corrected by the artist putting apoxy sculpt into unseen parts of the shorter limb.

There are several nicks and scratches that are part of the sculpt itself.

This body will stand on it's own but could benefit from wiring.

At least the first five dolls will be using this body until I am able to remold the doll.

Type 2 Skinny Body:

Changes to be made: Leg lengths the same, deeper knee sockets so doll stands better, smoother ankle sockets for better posing, larger shoulders, shorter neck, and less all around nicks and scratches. Same basic measurements.



Name: Timmian
Age: 22 at death
Occupation: Painter
Type of Monster: Ghost
Handicaps: It's hard to hold a brush when you're made of ectoplasm.


There once was a painter, handsome and young,
He despaired as his work's praises went unsung,
In his mouth held his brushes though the paint contained lead,
Now he's handsome, young, well known and dead.


Name: Zero
Age: ??
Occupation: none
Type of Monster: Zombie
Handicaps: Sometimes things fall off.




Name: ???
Age: ???
Occupation: Librarian
Type of Monster: Vampire
Handicaps: Reading in the dark isn't easy.