I've used the name "Batchix" on the net since 1996 when I was still in high school and started using the net to make interactive paperdolls called KiSSdolls. Now, 10 years later, I am a 25+ artist with a degree in Interactive Media- which is a fancy way of saying I can do art and I know how to use a computer. My real love is sculpting and working in three dimensions. Although I started out as a computer animation major, then a sculpture major, I only completed one year of either degree. I learned the basics of plaster mold making as a sculpture student. Since then I have taught myself how to sew doll clothes, sculpt, and cast in resin and silicone.

For sculpting I use paperclay for the heads and super sculpey firm(gray) for the bodies. I sculpted the dolls from scratch, then did junk casts of the entire body. From those molds i cast the dolls in plaster and smoothed all the lumps and bumps, then re-cast the dolls in silicone again. From those casts came the final casts.

At the moment I live in Kansas with my husband of 7 years and a round orange cat. My other cat lives with my parents in the St. Louis are, and I can be found there at least three or four times a year. Sculpting and sewing are my full time jobs at the moment, so I guess I'm a professional artist now!

My biggest influences on my sculpting and design aesthetics are Brom, the pre-raphealite painters, Jody Lee, Labyrinth, the Last Unicorn and various models and actors who's features I enjoy. I have a thing for noses especially. At the moment one of my favorites is Christian Bale. I'm also a hopeless fangirl for Batman(Batman the Animated Series and Justice League being my favorite), Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Drizzt and Zak, Firefly, and Mercedes Lackey's books. Outside of my dolls I collect cartoons and props for my dolls. I'm a sucker for miniatures which is why I'm working on a 1/12th scale doll for my next project.

Feel free to email me!